Winner! Winner!
Winner! Winner!
April 11, 2017

We were thrilled to hear the news that both projects we proposed for the 2017 AGC Build GA Awards won first place. The grapevine has it that there were many outstanding submittals this year, so that makes us doubly proud. Fernbank Museum WildWoods and Compassion Christian Church both won in their respective categories for their complexity, beauty and great endorsements from the Owners.

Our teams were relentless in their pursuit of creating spaces that are not only functional, but inspirational and soul-elevating. It makes us proud to know that people will be using this outdoor museum for education and this new sanctuary to draw closer to God.

Thank you to our excellent team members: James Walker, Mike Mero, Al Kates, Gary Nicholson, Adam Chegwidden and Jim Thompson. You make it look easy and help Van Winkle look like a Rock Star!