Experts at General Contracting

Experts at

General Contracting


At surface level, General Contracting refers to the day-to-day functions of construction: we manage the budget, communicate with all project team members, overcome unforeseen challenges, supervise the construction site, and hand over the completed project at final delivery. But Van Winkle’s General Contracting services entail more than that.

At Van Winkle, we are seasoned experts. Our at-risk General Contracting services, a mainstay of our business since 1931, enable us to meet our clients’ most demanding schedules. Our deep bench of skilled construction professionals proactively controls quality and schedules simultaneous to promoting positive collaboration among vendors and team members.

Van Winkle is more than a General Contractor


Method Mastery

We deliver over 75% of our projects through a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contractual format. We also offer traditional Design-Bid-Build project delivery under lump sum contractual formats selected through competitive bidding or qualifications-based selection process.

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