Experts at Value Engineering

Experts at

Value Engineering


When a project matches your vision but not your construction budget, Van Winkle’s Value Engineering services offer insight and solutions. Our robust construction experience and creative applications provide options regarding material selection, equipment alternates, timeline, and suppliers to facilitate cost savings. In short, we investigate how to achieve the biggest bang for your buck!

Van Winkle’s Value Engineering efforts do not aim to lower a project’s quality or eliminate the aesthetics. Instead, we provide creative opportunities to enhance the project. Our Value Engineering process informs where the project invests the greatest costs and offers an opportunity to redistribute or alter the project’s investments to best suit that project’s needs.

Van Winkle provides quality and value with every project
Holy Vietnamese Martyrs Catholic Church
In-progress installation of sanctuary ceiling, including value
engineered SIPs


Van Winkle helps you make the right choices for your project

During project design and development, including Preconstruction, we thoroughly investigate the project plans with the entire project team to determine areas of potential savings. Then, Van Winkle places value on alternative design details and materials for comparison. Once obtained, we present our findings for discussion. This allows for an informed Owner decision regarding project construction and cost.

Do you need help building your dreams on a strict budget? Contact us to learn more about how Van Winkle’s Value Engineering can enhance your project.