Welcome Kenneth Barnett, the New COO of Van Winkle Construction
Welcome Kenneth Barnett, the New COO of Van Winkle Construction
January 13, 2016

Meet our new Chief Operations Officer, Kenneth Barnett. Born in Powder Springs, GA, Kenneth earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Construction from Southern Polytechnic State University (now part of Kennesaw State University). He credits his father as being the one person who has been most influential in his life, teaching him about hard work, faith, and family.

Kenneth joined Van Winkle in 2002 as a Project Manager with almost a decade of construction experience under his belt. He commented, “What really brought me in the door was the opportunity to work on great projects like the signature buildings Van Winkle has constructed around Atlanta. Working on great projects with GREAT people is inspiring.” As the new COO, he envisions growing the business, streamlining our processes to improve on quality, efficiency, and profitability. He also plans on diversifying our market presence to help stabilize the effects of the cyclical nature of our industry as they directly relate to Van Winkle.

Hunting and fishing are just some of the things that he likes to do in his spare time, but he also genuinely enjoys working with his hands building and fixing things. “I have a need to do this, and I always have a project to work on.” Kenneth is married with three daughters. Spending time with his family and being outdoors rate high on his list of things that are incredibly important to him. Kenneth says, “I think as I get older, it becomes more and more important to me. It seemed cliché; just an answer you give when you can’t think of anything else, but as I evolve, I find that it is really what life is about for me.”

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