#vanwinklehelps Goes Digital for City of Refuge!
#vanwinklehelps Goes Digital for City of Refuge!
June 26, 2020

This year, City of Refuge’s annual 5K and 10K Refuge Run went digital, and so did Van Winkle! The “digital run” lasted from June 14-20, and the Van Winkle team participated on our favorite individual routes. Principal Shane Hornbuckle and his family participated on the beach!

2020 marked Van Winkle’s fourth year participating in the annual Refuge Run. City of Refuge’s sustained positive change within our community continually impresses us. Though the official event is over, acts of charity are not restricted by any timeline. If you would like to support City of Refuge, visit their official website to learn more about “Where Good Works”!

What is City of Refuge?

City of Refuge works tirelessly to transform and empower Atlanta’s struggling neighborhoods and raise families out of generational poverty. The organization’s headquarters in historic western Atlanta provides mentoring, food service, tutoring, housing, vocational training, health and wellness services, and more to the community. The organization’s goal is permanent, positive social change for the area.

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