Doing Good In Our Community
Doing Good In Our Community
January 13, 2016

“So no Atlanta area senior is hungry, cold or forgotten.” This is the vision statement for our neighbors, Meals on Wheels Atlanta (MOW). On a Friday morning, we took time to give something back to our community by helping prepare hundreds of meals in their kitchen and delivering meals to over 60 Atlanta area seniors.

We spent some of our time in Senior Center helping the adults with the activities happening that day. Our CFO, Charlie Gwynn commented that “The people we served were very grateful for a meal that most of us take for granted.”

“It gave us the opportunity to have a little fun with the seniors who come to the Senior Center and connect with them and the staff. MOW does such an awesome job of helping in our community. It’s what I would want someone to do for my Mom and Dad in Chattanooga if I couldn’t be there to help.” said Karen Chin. Lori Deagan remarked, “Everyone at Meals on Wheels was positive and happy to be a part of the team. Their enthusiasm was contagious!”

Van Winkle also donated $1,000 to this worthy cause. Overall, all of us who volunteered felt a sense of respect for what our neighbors do for the elderly of Atlanta every day and a little bit of delight in being able to devote a morning to help MOW accomplish their goal to feed, give warmth and remembrance to humans in need. #VanWinkleHelps