#VanWinkleHelps - Giving Back

Giving back – Fundraising – Volunteering – Donating Our Time – Recognition of those who Serve

A Culture of Responsibility – We started this part of Van Winkle Construction because we felt a calling to give back to our neighborhoods and the people that live in them. We work with the skills and passions of our team and match them to the needs in our community.

People volunteer for all sorts of reasons: to have an impact, to be a leader, to strengthen the community, to share their talents, or just because it feels good. VWC believes in all of those things and more. Not only does it feel good to have an impact on our communities and share our expertise, but volunteering actually improves our own health by relieving stress and helping clear our heads so we are more productive and creative at our jobs.

As a company, we make it a priority to help. The majority of our employees spend time giving back to educational organizations, religious groups, cultural foundations and environmental causes. We encourage that, but VWC also takes the time to give back corporately. Examples of some of the organizations that we have worked with include:

We give back because we have been given so much. We do it because it’s the right thing to do…. because we have a Culture of Responsibility.