Contracting Methods

Building is a Journey... are you on the right path?

How you reach your destination depends on the path you choose. Your project will have its own, unique journey. The circumstances under which you begin this journey dictate which path is the easiest to follow. To find out which contracting method best suits you and your project, take our simple quiz.

Question 1

Which two attributes are MOST important to you?

Question 2

Will more than one (1) person be making decisions about this project?

Question 3

Have you engaged a design firm for this project?

Question 4

Is the design of this project complete?

* For the sake of simplicity, we have limited the response to three (3) most common delivery methods; 1) Design-Bid-Build (DBB), 2) Construction Manager (CM) at Risk with a Guaranteed Max Price (GMP), and 3) Design-Build (DB).