Van Winkle Construction has a fully operating Safety Program that is overseen by our corporate safety director. Our on-site safety record is outstanding and one goal we set for ourselves every year is to have NO recordable injuries. In fact, over the last FIVE years we have had only one injury resulting in any lost time on the job by an employee.

Since 2003, we are a registered Drug- Free Workplace within each state we are working.

It is the policy of this company to provide a safe and healthful place of employment for ALL EMPLOYEES.

It is therefore the purpose of our safety policy to:

1. Abide by all federal, state and local regulations as they pertain to construction.

2. Apply good sense and safe practices as dictated by locations, conditions and circumstances to all jobs.

3. Exercise good judgment in the application of this policy.

Our company safety program is actually made up by combining many different programs that are actively enforced on each project site. They include:

A. Respiratory Protection Program

B. Excavation Safety Program

C. Scaffold Safety Program

D. Steel Erection Safety Program

E. Confined Space Safety Program

F. Fall Protection Standard

G. Bloodborne Pathogen Standard

H. Drug Free Workplace Policy

I. Crane Safety Program

J. MSDS Program

Each of our projects has a tailored safety program for that particular project. Each project safety program contains many of the following:

1. Site Specific Safety Plan

2. Company Safety Manual for Reference

3. Copy of OSHA Standard

4. Hazard Communication Notebook

5. New Employee Safety Orientation booklets.

6. Posting requirements – For project bulletin board

7. PPE Equipment for each employee

8. Project Specific Items

A. Fall Protection

B. Struck by Protection

C. Caught In/Between Protection

D. Electrical Hazard Protection

E. Emergency Action Plan

F. OSHA Inspection Policy

Our Experience Modification Rates (EMR) for the last three years are well below the industry standards. These low rates translate into costs savings for our clients. Our EMR for the last several years are:

2010 -0.80

2009- 0.80

2008- 0.76

2007- 0.75

2006- 0.75

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