Friendship Baptist Church Progress

Friendship Baptist, Church, Van Winkle Construction, October 2106, CD Moody, CDH Partners

Van Winkle is partnering with C.D. Moody, CDH Partners (architects) and Hall+Level (Program Manager) to build this historic church in downtown Atlanta.

This 44,300 sf new building includes a 500 seat sanctuary, a small chapel that will seat 200, fellowship hall, education wing, museum, administrative offices and a full kitchen. The exterior facade is masonry with a 110’ tall steeple tower. We are incorporating stained glass, the organ and the bell from the original church. These items will be refurbished and installed in the new building. The museum will house all the artifacts from this historical church.

Friendship Baptist was displaced when the Atlanta Falcons began to acquire property for a new stadium. It was established in 1862 and is Atlanta’s first African American Baptist congregation. In the beginning, church services were held in a donated railroad boxcar given to Friendship by a church in Ohio.